Safety Measures At the Construction Sites

Canada provides all the employees and workers a safe environment to work.  Every province in Canada has its own rules and regulation for safety standards. It is the responsibility of the employers and the supervisors to provide a set of safety standards and ensures that the environment is safe to work. At, the team of professional lawyers guides every client about the claims and benefits in case of fall at the construction place.

Recent history:

2009 witnessed the deaths of four construction workers. In 2017, the project manager responsible for the worksite safety was convicted for it with four months of criminal negligence causing death. In this case, five workers fell more than 100 feet after the scaffolding on which they were working collapsed killing four of them and the one was seriously injured. As per the prosecution, the project manager was known about the absence of proper fall protection but still allowed employees to continue their work.

Employers to be charged for fatal accidents:

In 2004, the Canada government introduced the laws which made the employers criminally charged for fatal accidents due to negligence at the workplace. As per 2016 verdict, the employers are convicted under the law. As per the Ontario Federation of Labor, this creates a safer environment for the employees and workers.

The Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA):

Canadian Federation of Labor (CFCSA) is an organization which works as an umbrella stating safety associations for members provincial and territorial construction.

CFCSA works:

  1. To promote the construction of workplace health and safety practices.
  2. To promote employers and workers awareness programs for health and safety.
  3. To avoid any duplication of effort.
  4. To allow customization of work and effort.
  5. Continuously work towards the initiatives for increasing quality and effectiveness for the Certificate of Recognition Program.

Preventing fatal accidents at the workplace:

Under section 26 to 26.9 of O. Reg. 213/91 – Construction Projects, the regulations to prevent falls and other fatal accidents are:

  • Sufficient supervision, inspection and work planning.
  • Giving engineering services
  • Providing personal protective equipment.
  • Providing housekeeping
  • Using sufficient administrative controls.

Constructors and employers to provide guardrails:

To combat the risk of falling workers, constructors and employers must install guardrail system if the risk is:

  • Greater than 3 meters
  • More than 1.2 meters
  • Into operative machinery
  • Into liquids like water
  • If the object is hazardous
  • Through an open space on the workplace

Guardrails must be included if the worker is exposed to 2.4 meters gap and has:

  • balcony or mezzanine
  • bridge surface
  • roof while formwork is in place
  • scaffold platform

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