Injured in a traffic accident- need advice?

Being in an accident on the road is perhaps one of the scariest events that can happen when you’re out driving. Perhaps you’re on your way to work, or you’re on a road trip with your friends. Maybe you had children in the car with you. No matter how it happened, or who was with you, if someone is injured and you need advice, we’ve put together this short guide to help.

Seek the advice of a professional

When it comes to cases of personal injury, you usually can’t get legal aid. When talking to a solicitor, ensure that they inform you of the legal costs involved before you continue your case with them.

Your local Citizens Advice should be able to give you a few pieces of information to steer you in the right direction if you’re entirely unsure on where to go next, but essentially, your next step after being injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault is to find someone to represent you and give you professional legal advice.

Car Accident Claims

Claims companies can also help you find a solicitor that has the experience to take on your case.

Raising your claim

When you’re raising your personal injury case, make sure you know the details of what happened, when it happened, who was involved, and how you can contact those parties. When you were in the traffic accident, you should have obtained the other party’s information, this will be needed sooner rather than later.

Once you’ve informed your solicitor of every detail you can recall that is relevant to your injury claims case, they will advise you on what the next step will be. At that point, follow their instructions, which will often be to wait for their update while they make some calls. The best-case scenario is to deal with the issue without progressing it to a court case.

A court hearing typically only takes place if the amount of compensation you are to be awarded cannot be agreed between you and the party responsible for your injury, or if the other party you are claiming against does not respond to the claim made.

Gaining compensation

Your solicitor or “personal injury lawyer” will take the information you give them and attempt to make the claim against the party responsible for your injury. If the party responds positively, by accepting the claim and offering compensation that you’re happy with, your solicitor will help you through this process.

If the other party does not respond to the claim, rejects the claim, or offers low compensation, you may escalate the case to court with the help of your solicitor. With the evidence that you provide (the same evidence that your solicitor should have already seen), the court heading your case will come to a decision which typically cannot be refused by the other party.

Remember that a road traffic accident doesn’t only affect drivers. Passengers, cyclists and pedestrians can be involved, as well. Do not admit fault until you have met with your solicitor, even if it was your fault.