How much Money do you have to spend for Express Entry?

There are many reasons why people immigrate to Canada. Some immigrate to improve their quality of living. Some do get better jobs so that they can support their family. There is a better scope for science and technology in Canada as well. But there is one obstacle between the person and the world of better opportunities, that is, the cost of immigrating to Canada.

The Express Entry is a way to get the immigration status. You have to pay a fee for submitting the form. But the price that you have to pay varies from person to person. It depends on various factors. For submitting various documents, you have to pay money. For example, if you have done your higher education outside of Canada, you have to pay a certain amount.

Government Processing Fee

IRCC demands a fee for the acceptance of the application form. It will vary from case to case. It depends on how many dependents you have on your profile. Generally, it is around $ 550 CAD for a person and for each dependent it is $ 150 CAD additional, whether it be a child or spouse. The fee mentioned is subject to changes and you should have the access to the official IRCC website for current figures.

Proof of Settlement Fees

This fee is charged for you to show a proof that you have enough money in your bank account to start a new and healthy life in Canada. You will have to provide documentation for this and the fee is charged after you submit that documentation. But there is an exception to this case such as if you have been offered a job in Canada or you have applied through the Canadian Experience Class.

Lawyer Fees

Hiring a lawyer to represent your case will make your case stronger. The Express Entry Lawyer in Canada has the experience of how to put details in the form and in front of the immigration officers. You will also understand how all this works so that you can be mentally prepared.

You have to pay the lawyer that you hire and it depends on you to choose one according to your budget. Mr. Matthew Jeffry, Express Entry Lawyer in Canada is experienced in this field for a long time. You can also afford his services.

Immigrating to Canada can be costly but the life after a little difficult situation can be very cheerful and you shall cherish this moment of difficulty in the later moment of your life. Mr. Matthew Jeffry, Express Entry Lawyer in Canada will help you in the difficult situation during the immigration.

Contact him as soon as possible and start your training sessions with him. Enjoy Canada!