Car accident – Are you responsible for it?

Automobile accidents create lots of confusions among the victims and the real faulty person. Both the parties try to show various reasons to defend themselves. Usually, one of the parties approaches the Rand Spear Law Firm to file the lawsuit. The lawyers are the best legal representative to find out the liable person in the car accident. It is essential to identify the faulty person in the accident case.

No-doubt liability: This is an indicating the particular accident types, where the other car driver is always at fault. It is not much easy to make arguments against these accidents. Usually, the victim finds a settlement very fast in this case.

These no-doubt liabilities are applicable for the following accidents

DUI auto accidents

It is not legal to run a vehicle, while you are under drunken condition. In Philadelphia and other areas, this rule is applicable. Thus, if you have seen that another driver is a drunken condition, you may instantly hire Rand Spear Philadelphia auto accident attorney.

Left-turn crashes

You are driving your car in a straight path, while a vehicle, opposite to you, turns left. This will cause an accident, and you may put the blame on another driver.

The alleged person will try to prove that you have been driving the vehicle at a higher speed. Or, he may also strive to confirm that his left turn is legal and reasonable at the time of the incident. Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Rand Spear will help you to put the facts against him.

The best way to identify the faulty party in the car collision is to prove negligence. In some states, there are very simple traffic laws. However, you have to know the definition of negligence. The negligence is of different types, and one of them is the comparative negligence, which enables you in looking for compensation with regard to the fault level in the car collision. Your auto accident attorney in Philadelphia is familiar to it, and thus, he will be able to deal with your claims. You can get the compensation and protect your rights.